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“This corporation is founded for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Salvation by Grace in Christ and Him crucified; for the salvation of souls and the establishing of believers, and doing of whatsoever is usual, convenient or expedient in such ministry; to maintain a place for the sheltering, lodging, feeding and clothing of the unfortunate, indigent and transients.”
“The Burdens of the Drink Habit”
The origin of this drawing is unknown.  This Mission found it in a load of items that were brought to the Mission, sometime in the 1980's, from a building somewhere in Sioux Falls.  It was hanging in the chapel until about November of 1993, when its message became too much for some individual to endure.  The person wrecked the frame that it was in and tore the picture to pieces. Only one of the pieces was found, glued to the wall of another room at the mission.  Fortunately, two copies were made of the original, as requested by one of the people staying at the mission about six months prior to its destruction.  The name of the artist is William Hancock.
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