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“This corporation is founded for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel of Salvation by Grace in Christ and Him crucified; for the salvation of souls and the establishing of believers, and doing of whatsoever is usual, convenient or expedient in such ministry; to maintain a place for the sheltering, lodging, feeding and clothing of the unfortunate, indigent and transients.”
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The City Mission Movement goes back to the year 1826, when David Nasmith, a former manufacturer’s apprentice, founded the Glasgow, (Scotland) City Mission for the purpose of practical ministry for the underprivileged, proclaiming the Gospel in everyday language.  David Nasmith is the spiritual father of the City Mission Movement and founded a number of ministries including the Dublin Christian Mission, London City Mission, as well as 31 other Missions in the United States and Canada. The first USA, Gospel Rescue Mission opened on Water Street in 1872 in New York City when former alcoholic and ex-con Jeremiah McAuley founded his “Helping Hand for Man” on the site of a licentious dance hall.  It was backed by stock trader Alfrederich Smith Hatch, who believed in uplifting those unfit for charity, whom he called the “undeserving or unworthy poor.” Thomas F. Morse was convicted in Roberts County, SD for the shooting death of a Sisseton man in September of 1893.  Morse made a decision in prison to give his heart and life to Jesus Christ, through the ministry of Mother Wheaton, a woman who visited the prison and proclaimed the Gospel.  He was granted a full pardon by Governor Andrew Lee in 1898.  On March 17, 1900 he became the founder of the Sioux Falls City Rescue Mission. The Sioux Falls Union Gospel Mission where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still preached every evening at 8 p.m., where food, clothing, shelter, and care are given freely to all who are in need, and where its purpose is still to “Proclaim the Gospel of Salvation by Grace in Christ and Him crucified, for the salvation of souls and the establishing of believers.” Excerpts from The History of the Sioux Falls Union Gospel Mission.  Request your copy today from the Union Gospel Mission office.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the Union Gospel Mission.  With supporters like you, the Union Gospel Mission is able to continue reaching out and lifting up those in need.