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It is very helpful and necessary to hire services from experienced and well-known legal companies that offer various types of corporate legal services such as company registration, patents, trademark registration, PAN, IPR registration services, legal services and many more under one roof.

NGO Registration

The global corporate sector consists of various categories of companies including partnerships, limited liability companies, cooperatives, sole traders, companies and many other types of specialized organizations that exist throughout this scenario the corporate sector. This type of company varies from one country to another. Each country has its own list of companies with different attributes and liabilities. The nature and type of the company depends on the rules and laws, which are determined by the relevant authorities. Such as the nature of responsibilities, legal status, nature and transfer of shares, membership and perpetual succession are some of the factors that describe the nature and type of company. The group of professionals who work together to achieve the same goal or goal is one of the common features that is associated with every company.

Among the various types of NGO companies that are well-known and preferred among the corporate sector. Non-profit NGOs that are famous for carrying out various business activities to generate benefits or income for others including weak parts of the community by providing medical assistance, education at minimum cost and by providing other objects of public utilities. During NGO registration there are a number of rules and laws governed by section 2 (15) of the income tax law which decides whether the company being applied can be registered as an NGO or not. Therefore, obtaining approval from the Income Tax Act Section 2 (15) is very important for NGOs where they state that certain companies are registered as a public, trust, or limited private non-profit company that generates benefits for others, usually outside the membership of the organization non-profit.

Registration and Licenses Required

Different countries consist of different rules and regulations for NGO registration. Such as NGO registration in India includes different NGO registrar offices spread across various states of the nation. As NGO registration in Delhi can be obtained from an NGO record office in Delhi, NGOs in various states in India can be registered by an office located in their own country. In addition to non-profit organizations, PAN registration is another corporate service that is mostly demanded by various types of business houses. PAN is usually required to file income tax returns. PAN is a unique form of alphanumeric combination provided for all entries made under the Indian income tax law of 1961. Now that day it becomes everyone’s need to have his pan number, because it can be used for various purposes in life. Therefore, it is very helpful if you hire the services of one of the well-known and experienced corporate law firms where you will find various types of legal services such as company registration in India, patent registration, trademark registration, IPR legal services and many more under 1 roof. This does not save you time, but also helps you in preparing all types of working papers together with complete assistance and client satisfaction.

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