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How to Start NGO

Trademarks are a fundamental element that must be contained by a company, if it intends to offer any type of product or service. Without trademarks, it is very difficult to obtain the right market position or brand identity. You can obtain your trademark registration by submitting an application to the government of India or in another country where you are. If you have a global business expansion, you must be registered at each place too. Trademark Registration is the main proof of your ownership of the company in terms of the products included in the registration. This is one of the most effective and fastest ways to take ownership of your monopoly rights.

Registration can be obtained in a period of around four months. Although general law considers rights not registered but it becomes very difficult for claimants to obtain the right to pass without proper evidence. Trademark Registration will always keep you on the safer side because it prevents others from using your domain or company name. In order to be registered, you must meet certain criteria. First the trademark must be different in nature. Your trademark may not resemble a registration or other application from a previous trademark. Market research is generally carried out to check the current availability of trademarks; If it’s already available in the market then you need to change the trademark and choose other new options.
The trademark symbol generally written as “TM”, is the most important part to identify that a company has a trademark. However it does not indicate a registered trademark. The company is a registered trademark when using the symbol (®). TM can be used by anyone. You have legal rights to promote your company’s products / services if you use a registered trademark symbol.

NGO Registration Services in India

Company registration is the main step that contributes to the company’s foundation … this gives a legal license to an organization and its products for sale in the market. Now the company registration process has become easier. This can be done online by filling out the company registration form. Required documents, fees and forms can be submitted through an agent (only through registered and authorized) to the House company and will do what is needed for the same. This saves a lot of your time. Company registration can be divided into several categories such as private limited company (Ltd.), public limited company (PLC), limited partnership (LP), limited liability partnership (LLP), European economic interest grouping (EEIG) etc. However, if you face any issues for your company registration, take help from the registration agent. This agent verifies the accuracy and availability of the company name; they can quickly find a registered office for company formation; will help you to prepare the memorandum of Association and other necessary documents; to register for corporation tax commonly referred to as VAT etc.

The goal behind forming a company is to do business with investors and develop customers for its products. To do this the company needs to be registered with a trademark that provides a legal identity. This process is called company establishment. Establishment of a company in the market depends on its business activities (services, manufacturing, etc.), liabilities or assets, membership (government, public and private), where the company is registered (foreign or Indian) and shareholder control.

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